Treatment Services


Resorption occurs within bone and tissues when patients loose their natural teeth. This will eventually lead to space in between your tissues and the denture. It is important to reline dentures every 2-3 years to compensate for the shrinkage within your mouth to improve the fit, stability, function and food getting trapped underneath. If you are experiencing these issues please contact us for appointment to determine if a reline is right for you.

Emergency Repairs

At First Impressions we understand that dentures and teeth do fracture or break. We  offer emergency repairs and can usually complete the repair same day. Depending on the severity, the process can be quick and inexpensive. Please refrain from using super glue as the product is toxic and could create a potential layer and makes it more difficult for us to repair. Please contact us if you require an emergency repair.


If you have been experiencing sores or issues with your denture for weeks don't hesitate to call us for an adjustment. Chances are its only going to worsen. Come in so that we could check and help alleviate the pressure to resolve your problems.

Treatment Services

Anti-Snoring Devices

Do you or your spouse snore during the night and can't find a solution to eliminate the noise? Our anti-snoring devices might the be the solution for you to have a restful and soundless sleep. Snoring occurs because of the strain our lungs experience trying to inhale oxygen when the airways are obstructed. This produces a loud vibration in the soft palate (soft part of the roof of the mouth). Obstruction of the airways can also be caused by throat or nasal deformities, such as an excessively long soft palate or uvula (the pendant-shaped tissue in the back of the throat), or a deviated nasal septum. Anti-snoring devices stabilize your jaw and pushes or the jaw slightly forward, naturally opening the airway. This depress your tongue so it doesn’t fall to the back of your throat and block breathing. The device ensures that soft palate tissue doesn’t impede the passageway, either. Feel free to inquire about the anti-snoring devices offered at our clinic.

Mouth & Night Guards

Mouth guards are essential for any athletes in contact sports. They protect structural damage to your teeth from injury. It can also protect your jaw, cheeks, lips and tongue from lacerations. Mouth guards are also proven to reduce the risk of concussions. These mouth guards are custom fitted to your mouth and will provide you with the maximum level of comfort and protection. Night guards (bruxism splits) provide a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. Bruxism is the clenching/grinding of teeth and can be damaging to the teeth and jaw. Many people not knowingly exhibit these habits throughout the day and during sleep. Bruxism can damage natural teeth as well as compromise the health of your TMJ. It can often lead to headaches, migraines, jaw discomfort, pain in the shoulder, neck and back. A custom fabricated night guard will cover your teeth, fitting exactly to their contours and preventing contact with your opposing teeth. This will help alleviate the clenching/grinding that occurs throughout the day and night. 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is probably the most popular treatment option in cosmetic dentistry, as it changes the appearance of natural teeth. Your natural teeth gets discoloured because its exposed to certain products that have staining characteristics. Certain beverages, smoking and aging will cause teeth to discolour. At First Impressions we offer take home professional whitening kits and custom bleaching trays to whiten and improve the appearance of your natural teeth. The keys to seeing results are diligent on following the proper instructions and how heavily stained your teeth are. Ask us if these teeth whitening kits are suitable for you.