Surgical (immediate) Dentures

Surgical dentures are sometimes known as immediate dentures. These dentures are inserted after your natural teeth have been extracted, so you never go without having any missing teeth. Since each patient's recovery period and ability to accommodate the immediate denture varies the acceptance will differentiate as well. There are a number of benefits in having immediate dentures: 

  • acts like a "band aid" to control the bleeding and swelling
  • ​allows you to maintain normal function of speech and chewing
  • promotes and shapes the ridges so less resorption occurs 
  • maintains facial and lip support preventing TMJ discomfort
  • ​the shape, size, position and color of teeth can be easily replicated by using your natural teeth as a guide
  • ​adapting earlier to having dentures in your mouth

​​As the healing process takes place the tissues will resorb and you might feel movement in the dentures. We will be placing temporary liners to compensate for the tissue resorption that occurs. About 9-12 months after the extractions a permanent reline is necessary to "refit" the tissue surface with a permanent solution. 

At First Impressions our denturist will recommend the best option for your needs and help determine if an immediate denture is the right choice for you.