Edmonton Denture emergencies (EDE)

What is EDE?

We are a 24 hour denture emergency group available to treat denture repairs/implant complications, fabricate dental prosthesis and adjustments. 

How EDE Works?

By calling our 24 hour line a licensed Denturist will be able to assist and answer any questions you may have regarding your denture emergency. They will then provide you with an address for the initial consultation. We will determine the available treatment options, provide you with applicable quotes and time frame. Please note there will be emergency fees associated with any treatment provided. 

Who is EDE?

We understand that dental emergencies occur on a daily basis and that not all denture clinics are available 24 hours or fits within your busy day. We're a group of licensed denturists within Edmonton providing treatment for denture related emergencies.

Edmonton Denture Emergencies

24 Hour Line: (780) 995-8589 or (780) 238-9252

Please call or text and we will get back to you shortly.

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Edmonton Denture Emergencies (780) 995-8589 or (780) 238-9252

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